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Personal Services

Personal Services

LBS Retail Division dates back less than ten years ago. Thus, it can boast to be a major broker, by its special filiation with the Laurentian Bank, but still human in size. Retail Division is comprised of four separate and complementary business lines:

  • Full-Service Brokerage
  • Private Portfolio
  • Financial Services Firm
  • Immigrant Investor Program

Full-Service Brokerage is offered to personal investors in Quebec and some other Canadian Provinces by seasoned investment advisors divided among the various branches. The advisors participate in LBS's mission and fully support its values. LBS advisors worship our customers. To honour their motto “provide advices to reach your objectives” , LBS advisors can rely on one of the best bonds desk in the country, on a renowned research service with experienced analysts, on a state-of-the-art technical and information technology support and on all LBS employees' collaboration, attentively listening to their needs. LBS management truly cares about supporting its advisors and a follow-up procedure is in place to promote continuous training. Further to their Professional Order (IIROC)'s Code of Ethics, LBS advisors must also abide by the Laurentian Bank's own Code of Ethics. LBS Full-Service Brokerage offers to individuals a two-fold availability in a one-stop window: an extended range of financial products and services and dedicated, upright and competent advisors.

The Private Portfolio business line caters to customers that hold financial assets in excess of one million dollars. This integrated financial management service provides advice and professional assistance in investments administration as well as a vast number of refined banking services and privileged financing solutions. Thus, it is a high-end service offered jointly with the Laurentian Bank of Canada and with the LBS Financial Services Firm.

The Financial Services Firm is a LBS division that offers brokerage in personal insurance and integrated financial planning services with all appropriate concepts and strategies. The recent emergence of numerous insurance-related financial products of an investment nature requires an objective and comparative evaluation of these products with conventional investment vehicles. Resorting to the Firm's expertise becomes imperative. Either because demographic pressures foster a demand in planning or because of new trends recognizing competitive advantages for certain insurance-related financial products (asset-backed annuities, for instance), the Firm's presence is becoming more relevant than ever.

Certified in the Fall of 2006 by the Canada and Quebec governments, LBS offers now the Immigrant Investor Program (IIP). This service is managed by a team of experienced professionals and is anchored to the Business Financing Service of the Laurentian Bank. Foreign investors are identified and qualified by LBS managers during their frequent trips abroad and/or by their local specialized representatives. The Program aims to secure the selection by immigration officers of as many case files as possible, resulting sometimes in lending money to the immigrant investor, and sometimes in setting up a commercial loan. Anyone interested in this specialized business segment should visit the Website