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Compagnie Analyste Symbole Divulgation
5N Plus Inc. Equity Research VNP-T V
Aecon Group Inc. Jonathan Lamers ARE-T V
Ag Growth International Inc. Equity Research AFN-T U
Alamos Gold Inc. Ryan Hanley AGI-T V, P
Alithya Group Inc. Equity Research ALYA-T N/A
Allied Properties REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. AP.UN-T V
Altius Minerals Corporation Jacques Wortman, MBA ALS-T U
Altius Renewable Royalties Corp. Equity Research ARR-T U
Amex Exploration Inc. Ryan Hanley AMX-V U, V, P
Argonaut Gold Inc. Ryan Hanley AR-T U, V, P
Artis REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. AX.UN-T N/A
Atico Mining Corporation Jacques Wortman, MBA ATY-V U, V, P
Atrium MIC Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. AI-T N/A
ATS Corporation Equity Research ATS-T N/A
Automotive Properties REIT Munish Garg, MBA APR.UN-T N/A
Azimut Exploration Inc. Equity Research AZM-V U, V
Bird Construction Inc. Jonathan Lamers BDT-T V
Boardwalk REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. BEI.UN-T N/A
Boyd Group Services Inc. Jonathan Lamers BYD-T N/A
BSR REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. HOM.U-T V
BTB REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. BTB.UN-T U
Bunker Hill Mining Corp. Ryan Hanley BNKR-CSE U, V, P
Calian Group Ltd. Equity Research CGY-T U
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. CAR.U-T V
Canadian Net REIT Munish Garg, MBA NET.UN-V N/A
CargoJet Inc. Equity Research CJT-T V
Champion Iron Ltd. Jacques Wortman, MBA CIA-T V
CloudMD Software & Services Inc. Equity Research DOC-V U
Converge Technology Solutions Corp. Equity Research CTS-T U
Dialogue Health Technologies Inc. Equity Research CARE-T U
Docebo Inc. Equity Research DCBO-T U
Dream Impact Trust Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. MPCT.UN-T N/A
Dream Industrial REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. DIR.UN-T V
Elemental Altus Royalties Corp. Jacques Wortman, MBA ELE-V N/A
European Residential REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. ERE.UN-T V
Exchange Income Corp. Jonathan Lamers EIF-T U, V
Firm Capital Apartment REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. FCA.U-V N/A
Firm Capital MIC Munish Garg, MBA FC-T U
Firm Capital Property Trust Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. FCD.UN-T U
First Mining Gold Corp. Jacques Wortman, MBA FF-T N/A
Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. Jacques Wortman, MBA FVI-T N/A
Galway Metals Inc. Jacques Wortman, MBA GWM-V U, V, P
Gold Mining Inc. Equity Research GOLD-T N/A
Gold Royalty Corp. Jacques Wortman, MBA GROY-NYSE U
Goldshore Resources Inc. Equity Research GSHR-V U
Granite REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. GRT.UN-T V
Heroux Devtek Inc. Jonathan Lamers HRX-T N/A
Hydro One Ltd. Equity Research H-T U, D
Inovalis REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. INO.UN-T N/A
InterRent REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. IIP.UN N/A
Invesque Inc. Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. IVQ-T N/A
Jaguar Mining Inc. Equity Research JAG-T N/A
Killam Apartment REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. KMP.UN U, V
Kinaxis Inc. Equity Research KXS-T N/A
Mainstreet Equity Corp. Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. MEQ-T N/A
Major Drilling International Ltd. Ryan Hanley MDI-T N/A
Maple Gold Mines Ltd. Equity Research MGM-V V
mdf commerce inc. Equity Research MDF-T U, V
Minto Apartment REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. MI.UN-T V
Monarch Mining Corporation Jacques Wortman, MBA GBAR-T U
New Found Gold Corp. Jacques Wortman, MBA NFG-V V
New Gold Inc. Ryan Hanley NGD-T U, V, P
NexLiving Communities Inc. Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. NXLV-V N/A
Nexus Industrial REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. NXR.UN-T U
Nighthawk Gold Corp. Ryan Hanley NHK-T U
NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. NWH.UN-T U
Omai Gold Mines Corp. Ryan Hanley OMG-V U
Orogen Royalties Inc. Jacques Wortman, MBA OGN-V N/A
Plaza Retail REIT Munish Garg, MBA PLZ.UN-T N/A
Primaris REIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. PMZ.U-T N/A
Probe Gold Inc. Equity Research PRB-T U
PROREIT Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. PRV.UN-V V
Pure Gold Mining Inc. Equity Research PGM-V U
Radisson Mining Resources Inc. Ryan Hanley RDS-V U, V, P
Russel Metals Inc. Equity Research RUS-T N/A
Savaria Corporation Equity Research SIS-T V
Sienna Senior Living Inc. Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. SIA-T U
Slate Grocery REIT Munish Garg, MBA SGR.UN-T V
Slate Office REIT Munish Garg, MBA SOT.UN-T U
Softchoice Corporation Equity Research SFTC-T U, V
Superior Gold Inc. Ryan Hanley SGI-V U
Sylogist Ltd. Equity Research SYZ-T N/A
TECSYS Inc. Equity Research TCS-T U, V
The Descartes Systems Group Inc. Equity Research DSG-T V
Timbercreek Financial Corp. Munish Garg, MBA TF-T N/A
Tribe Property Technologies Inc. Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. TRBE-V U
Troilus Gold Corp. Jacques Wortman, MBA TLG-T U, V, P
U.S. GoldMining Inc. Equity Research USGO-NYSE U
Vox Royalty Corp. Jacques Wortman, MBA VOX-V N/A
Voxtur Analytics Corp. Frederic Blondeau, M.Sc. VXTR-V U
WELL Health Technologies Corp. Equity Research WELL-T U
Wesdome Gold Mines Equity Research WDO-T U, V, P
WSP Global Inc. Jonathan Lamers WSP-T U

The analyst(s) certify that (1) the views expressed in this report in connection with securities or issuers they analyze accurately reflect their personal views and (2) no part of their compensation was, is, or will be directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations or views expressed by them in this report.

The Research Analyst's compensation is based on various performance and market criteria and is charged as an expense to certain departments of Laurentian Bank Securities (LBS), including investment banking.

AThe Analyst, in his/her own account or in a related account, owns securities of this issuer.
LLBS collectively beneficially owns in excess of 1% of one or more classes of the issued and outstanding equity securities of this issuer.
OThe Head/Deputy Head of Equity Research, in his/her own account or in a related account, owns securities of this issuer.
UWithin the last 24 months, LBS has undertaken an underwriting liability with respect to equity securities of, or has provided advice for a fee with respect to, this issuer.
VThe Analyst has visited material operations of this issuer.
PThis issuer paid a portion of the travel-related expenses incurred by the Analyst to visit material operations of this issuer
DA member of the Board of directors of LBS sits on the Board of directors of this issuer

The information contained in this document is based on what we deem to be reliable sources, but no guarantee or promise, explicit or implicit, is given as to the accuracy and exhaustiveness of these sources. This report shall under no circumstances be considered an offer to buy or sell, or a request to buy and/or sell the stocks mentioned. Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. and its employees may not be held liable for any monetary losses stemming from the implementation of the recommendations contained in this document. Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. and/or its officers, directors, representatives, traders, analysts and members of their families may hold positions in the stocks mentioned in this document and may buy and/or sell these stocks on the market or otherwise. Stocks in foreign currency may be adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Laurentian Bank of Canada. The opinions, projections and estimates are those of the Economic and Financial Research department of Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. as at the date appearing on the cover page, and are subject to change without prior notice. Laurentian Bank Securities Inc. may, in exchange for remuneration, act as a financial advisor or tax consultant for, or participate in the financing of companies mentioned in this document.  The regulation of the securities market establishes requirements that analysts must follow when issuing research reports or making recommendations. These guidelines are included in the research dissemination policy of Laurentian Bank Securities, available at

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