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12 Nov 2019Tactical Asset Allocation (November Update) - Time to Benefit from a Possible Less Cloudy Outlook
11 Nov 2019Québec Fiscal Update 2019 – A Cyclical Surplus
08 Nov 2019Ontario Fiscal Update 2019 - Short-term goals exceeded and on track to balance the books by 2023-24
01 Nov 2019BoC Decision (Oct. 2019) - A slight dovish turn triggered by global concerns
24 Oct 2019The 2019 Alberta Budget - fiscal hawks in challenging economic times
04 Oct 2019Tactical Asset Allocation (October Update) – An interim trade deal
20 Sep 2019Economic and Financial Forecasts - September 2019
13 Sep 2019The Provincial Monitor - September 2019
06 Sep 2019Tactical Asset Allocation (Sept. Update) - A Defensive Stance Is Still Suitable
04 Sep 2019Bank of Canada Decision - More neutral than easing words…for now
18 Nov 2019 POU – Flow-Through Shares Issued to Fund 2020 Development
18 Nov 2019 Boardwalk REIT — 15% Discount to NAV Despite Six Successive Quarters of FFO per unit Growth
15 Nov 2019 DGC — The Mine is Running Well; Improved NAV and Increased TP to $26.50
15 Nov 2019 SIA — In-line Q3-19; Retirement Occupancy to Recover to 88% by Year-End 2020
15 Nov 2019 DGC — Weaker Q3-19 Production, But Good Operating Costs
15 Nov 2019 BIR – Solid Q3 Results; Drill to Fill Pouce Coupe by 2021
15 Nov 2019 BEI.UN First Glance — Solid Q3; Alberta Margin Expansion Finally Comes Through!
15 Nov 2019 PRV.UN – In-line Q3-19; Steady Portfolio Growth; Increasing TP to $7.50
15 Nov 2019 IPLP Q3-19 — Margin Solid, Revenue Pressure in Near Term; TP to C$15.75
14 Nov 2019 SIS Q3-19 Mixed but Margins Improvement Encouraging; Increasing TP to $17

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