Pascale Imbeau

Investment Advisor
Vice President | 514 350-3052

Stéphan Morin CPA, CA

Investment Advisor
Vice President | 514 350-3053

Sales Assistant
Julie Archambault | 514 350-3041

1360 René-Lévesque Boulevard West
Suite 620
Montréal, Québec
H3G 0E8



Pascale Imbeau

Pascale is recognized in the investment community for her integrity and for the importance that she places on customer relations. She plans and manages her clients' assets thoroughly and responsibly. She is also much appreciated for her capacity to explain in simple terms the most complex financial concepts.

She also believes that investments can take into account a number of values and even promote positive changes. She has been including the principles of socially responsible investment in her practice for the past ten years. In this sense, she has developed an expertise that allows her to meet the needs of clients who wish to apply environmental, social and governance criteria to the management of their assets.

Pascale is actively involved with various business networks, including the Réseau des Femmes d'affaires du Québec, and with the Fédération des clubs des initiés du Québec. She is also a member of Novae (a group of professionals working in SMEs and large businesses in the sustainable development sector) and of the Responsible Investment Association

You can refer to her IIROC Advisor Report on the IIROC website at :

Stéphan Morin

Stéphan has been involved with the investment sector for more than 10 years. A trained chartered accountant, he worked in accounting firms for many years. He was also a founding partner and the head of finance of Penson Financial Services Canada Inc., one of Canada's main securities dealers specializing in execution and clearing. His experience allows him to combine financial planning, tax planning and financial asset management while respecting the specific needs of each one of his clients.

Recipient of the Canadian Securities Institute's 2005 Award of Excellence, Stéphan is recognized in the community for his outstanding achievements.

Socially engaged, Stéphan chairs the Regroupement des comptables agréés de Montréal, an organization with over 7,000 members.

You can refer to his IIROC Advisor Report on the IIROC website at :


Pascale and Stéphan decided to officially unite their strengths over five years ago, thus actually pooling their considerable knowledge. Since then, synergy has been at play, benefiting all of their clients, as their combined skills foster much "added knowledge".

This association provides for a wider array of services, supports the emergence of new ideas and expresses itself as a unique, safe and high-performance management style.


  • Socially responsible investment
  • Sélection Privilège Portfolio
  • Retirement planning
  • Return optimization and risk control
  • Tax optimization