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«I never invest in anything that I don't understand.»
Warren Buffett

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*Documentation disponible en anglais seulement

15 janv. 2021 In a World of Stretched EV Valuations, NFI Offers Best Risk-Return Profile
14 janv. 2021 Lockdown Implications Negligible on our E&C Universe
14 janv. 2021 NGD — Clouds Clear at Rainy River; Turn-Around Complete & Strong 2021 Ahead
13 janv. 2021 ELY Valuation Review; Maintain BUY Rating, $2.00 TP
12 janv. 2021 VNP — Microbion Relationship Another Sign of Top-Line Focus; Raising TP to $4
12 janv. 2021 TLG — Southwest Zone Continues to Demonstrate Good Grades and Continuity
12 janv. 2021 JAG — 2020 was a Very Good Year; No Change to TP
12 janv. 2021 First Impressions — NFI Puts Forward its Business Case on Investor Day
12 janv. 2021 IIP.UN — Entry into the Vancouver Market with $293MM of Strategic Investments
11 janv. 2021 CIA FQ3-21 Preview — Another Strong Quarter Expected; Raising TP to $6.40