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«I never invest in anything that I don't understand.»
Warren Buffett

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*Documentation disponible en anglais seulement

09 avr. 2021 WELL — Laying the Groundwork in Ontario with ExecHealth
09 avr. 2021 DOC — Kicking into Next Gear in Enterprise with Oncidium; Raising TP to $5.00
08 avr. 2021 TLG — Southwest Zone Continues to Demonstrate Growth Potential and Continuity
05 avr. 2021 ARR — Capitalizing on Clean Green Assets
05 avr. 2021 Transat and Air Canada Transaction Off, EU Headwinds Too Strong
01 avr. 2021 CTS — Adding to West Coast with Dasher; Increasing TP to $8.25
01 avr. 2021 UNS Makes Changes at the Top — Brian McManus will Become Executive Chair
30 mars 2021 FURY — Excellent Validation of the Exploration Strategy Continues
30 mars 2021 MOZ — Valentine Gold Project has very Robust Economic Merits
30 mars 2021 GWM — New Assay Results from Drilling at Northern Veins of GMZ and Adrian Zone