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«I never invest in anything that I don't understand.»
Warren Buffett

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*Documentation disponible en anglais seulement

21 sept. 2021 CIA — Lowering TP to $6.35 from $8.60 on Significant Drop In P62 Iron Ore Price In Seven Weeks
21 sept. 2021 TLG — J Zone Western Extension Mineralization Extended Further Down Dip
20 sept. 2021 Be Water, My Friend — A Deep Dive on the Interplay Between Water and E&C Sectors
20 sept. 2021 NFI Supply Chain Challenges Hurt Production; Rating Lowered to Hold; TP Reduced to C$30
16 sept. 2021 BTB Highlights from Property Tour — Plans to Double the Portfolio over the Next Five Years
16 sept. 2021 ALYA Investor Day Solidifies Roadmap Ahead
15 sept. 2021 Guru to be Energized by PepsiCo Distributors in Canada
15 sept. 2021 DCBO — Ample Growth Still Left in the Tank; Raising TP to $125
14 sept. 2021 First Glance — Guru’s Q3-F21 Delivers Double-Digit Revenue Growth
14 sept. 2021 Overcast as Expected at Rainy River; Lowering TP to $2.75