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Annulation de la conférence 2020 - Cliquer ici pour les détails
«I never invest in anything that I don't understand.»
Warren Buffett

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*Documentation disponible en anglais seulement

07 avr. 2020 SIS Managing Through the COVID-19 Turbulence
07 avr. 2020 COVID Environment Drives E-Commerce Demand for Cargojet
06 avr. 2020 MOZ — Hard Operating Metrics Confirm Underlying Value
06 avr. 2020 Ontario to Close Cannabis Stores for at Least Two Weeks; Online Still Available
06 avr. 2020 EIF Update Call — Despite Aviation Softness, Multiple Levers to Pull
03 avr. 2020 O&G — Introducing NAV Targets Amid Weakened Commodity Outlook
03 avr. 2020 TCS Witnessing Accelerated Demand in a Pandemic World
03 avr. 2020 FVI — Assets Idled by Mid-April; Adjusted Estimates and Valuation; TP to $4.00
02 avr. 2020 YGR — Suspends Guidance and Capex Amid Oil Rout
01 avr. 2020 WELL Posts Solid Q4-19; Pandemic Driving Digital Adoption Offsetting Walk-ins