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10 May 2019Financial Forecasts - May 2019
06 May 2019Tactical Asset Allocation (May Update) – Equities – where do we go from here
29 Apr 2019The 2019 Newfoundland and Labrador Budget – Temporary relief from the Atlantic Accord
26 Apr 2019Bank of Canada Decision (April 2019) – Completely neutral for now
12 Apr 2019The 2019 Ontario Budget - Turning the Boat Around
08 Apr 2019The 2019 New Brunswick Budget - a conservative framework
03 Apr 2019Tactical Asset Allocation (April Update) – Yield Curve Musings
28 Mar 2019The 2019 Saskatchewan Budget - Putting behind the commodity shock
27 Mar 2019The 2019 Nova Scotia Budget - Focus on debt sustainability
25 Mar 2019The 2019 Quebec Budget – Sowing the Seeds for Improving the Economic Potential of the Province
23 May 2019 HRX Q4-F19 Results – Growth Driven by Acquisitions; TP increased to $18.50
21 May 2019 HRX Q4-F19 Preview – Acquisitions to Drive Topline Growth
21 May 2019 EXE – Home Care Issues Obscuring the Value of the Remaining Two-Thirds of Extendicare
21 May 2019 BEI.UN Unit Price Not Reflecting Steady Occupancy Gains in AB and SK
17 May 2019 RUF.U – Waiting to Get its Acquisition Program Going; Increasing TP to $7.50
17 May 2019 MEQ – Recovery in Alberta & Saskatchewan Drives Cash Flow Growth; TP to $63
16 May 2019 SIS Q1-19 In-Line; Strong Elevator Demand Driving Results
16 May 2019 BAR – Finding Nickel-Cobalt, but Low-Grade; No Change to TP
16 May 2019 MOZ – De-risking the Valentine Lake Gold Project; No Change to TP
16 May 2019 PRV.UN – Ready for the Next Phase of Growth

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